Maxim Integrated has announced the addition of new members to its digital input products to help industrial equipment designs meet the size, power and performance requirements of Industry 4.0. The MAX22192 is one of the new devices introduced recently and is integrated into the Maxim Go-IO Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) reference design.

The degree of automation in industrial production is accelerating, and the demand for real-time decision making and feedback loop mechanisms is increasing. These intelligent industrial 4.0 systems require the use of a digital input IC in the PLC to receive an on/off status signal. However, in order to facilitate integration in a production environment, the device must be stable, reliable, high performance, and small in size.

Maxim Integrated's IEC61131-2 compliant digital input device is the latest patented combination with the industry's smallest solution size (reduced to 50%), lowest power consumption (down to 60%), up to 6x faster, and The most reliable performance (integrated 1kV surge protection and diagnostics). In addition, the series features parasitic power digital inputs that reduce power consumption by 60% and eliminate the need for discrete isolated power supplies.

The latest digital input devices include:

  • MAX22190 Octal Digital Input with Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), High-Precision Input Current Limiter, >1kV Surge Protection, and Wire Break Detection in a 5mm x 5mm Package
  • MAX22191 Single-Channel, Parasitic-Powered Digital Input with High-Precision Input Current Limiter and 250ns (Max) Transmit Delay in 2.8mm x 2.9mm Package
  • MAX22192 Octal Digital Input with Isolated SPI, Fast/Safe Degaussing, Wire Break Detection, and High Precision Input Current Limiter in 6mm x 10mm Package
  • MAX22195 high-speed, eight-channel digital input with parallel output and input current limiters, 300ns (max) propagation delay, parallel interface, low power, low heat, built-in diagnostics, flexible configurability and reliable design Available in a 5mm x 5mm 32-pin TQFN package

For more information on this range of products, please refer to Maxim Integrated's official website: