Touch buttons are replacing the Physical buttons for almost all the electronic devices, more and more products we can see in the market now are using touch buttons, typical example like microwave oven in house appliance, video door phone in access system, sphygmomanometer in medical and AVN in automotive system...etc. The advantage of the touch buttons are that the button will not be influenced by the life cycle of the button itself, further more it looks more technological. The main manufacturers who providing the touch buttons solution are Microchip, Cypress, Atmel, Silicon Labs, Texas Instruments...etc, but these brands has limitation in cost reduction and has supply shortage or long lead time problems.

HOLTEK currently promoting a very competitive MCU product line for touch button solutions, the series BS83A/B/C has several products which supports 2 keypads to 40 keypads, the advantages is obviously that it supports a wider keypad numbers, compare with the manufacturers listed above, HOLTEK has price advantage as well and it is quite easier to get technical support while designing. If you are using touch button in application, HOLTEK could be a nice cross reference for your current design.