KO-E, the subsidiary of Yageo, mainly doing the distribution work in China market for Yageo products, today they announce to stop accepting order for consumer level R-chip products, the effected line are RC series from size 0201 to 2512, cover all sizes range.

At the same time today, the biggest Discrete device manufacturer in China CJ announce to increase the MOS line price due to the raw material shortage, we believe that the other producers will follow up shortly, if it happens, the related manufacturers will be all the discrete device producers in China, after the MLCC crisis, Discrete seems to be the next one.

Further more, 270 factories in Kunshang received a notification from the Government to stop production for half month, these company including Nanya, Foxconn, Uniohm...etc, if this notification get into execution, the whole electronic component market might be affected.