Nexperia has introduced the latest addition to its NextPower Live linear mode MOSFET family, the PSMN3R7-100BSE, which offers a powerful combination of a safe operating area (SOA) and a low RDS(on), ideal for hot swapping, soft Start-up and electric fuse applications. The combination of a high SOA MOSFET and a hot-swap controller is designed to manage the high inrush current that can occur when swapping server boards or other plug-in systems, ensuring a smooth start of the processor board. Previous generations of components have been optimized between SOA and RDS(on), while the new technology maximizes SOA implementation without affecting RDS(on), maintaining a high level of operational efficiency.

Compared to standard technology, Nexperia's new PSMN3R7-100BSE MOSFETs improve SOA with quadruple linear mode performance and a maximum RDS(on) of only 3.95mΩ, which is about 18% lower than previous component internal resistance. The product is available in a D2PAK package with a junction temperature of 175 degrees Celsius. In addition, these components are fully compatible with all leading manufacturers' heat exchange controllers.

"Server and communications infrastructure companies are concentrating more and more processing power on blade and rack-mount systems, driving higher power demands. Reliable heat exchange operations are critical to managing the inrush current encountered during startup, but as power levels and efficiency requirements increase, low RDS(on) becomes more important. Nexperia's NextPower Live MOSFETs offer a standard combination of strong SOA and low RDS(on), allowing engineers to design ultra-sturdy hot-swap solutions to manage inrush current, while lower RDS(on) provides the highest level of efficiency ." said Mike Becker, product manager at Nexperia.

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