On October 11th, Holtek held an annual new product launch conference and introduced a total of 54 new products in nine categories. Holtek will focus its major markets in China and India this year, and expects these new products to achieve good sales in the next two to three years.

Holtek's new products this year include home smart living and security applications, including: 32-bit MCU, wireless communications, energy-saving motors, security, smart appliances, touch applications, health measurement, power management, display and audio.

At present, the smart life applications in China and India are gradually becoming popular, and related application products are born, the future growth potential of these applications is very large. Therefore, Holtek's new product strategy direction this year is mainly the application of the overall Internet of Things concept.

In response to the rapid development of emerging markets, Holtek is aiming at India, the fastest growing emerging market in the global economy, and established an Indian subsidiary in Bangalore in May this year. Some of Holtek's previous products were represented by distributors such as WPG Holdings in the Indian market. As the Indian market gradually developed, the local market also hopes that Holtek can set up offices in India. For example, Holtek has been growing rapidly in China due to the promotion of its electric bicycle battery charging control MCU. Now, Indian electric bicycles seem to have the same trend, which is the best time for Holtek to enter the Indian market.