Cypress Semiconductor has announced the official launch of the PSoC® 4700S series of MCUs. This family of MCUs enables non-contact metal sensing with MagSenseTM inductive sensing technology, including Cypress CapSense® capacitive sensing technology, enabling developers in consumer, industrial and automotive products to use metals or other Materials to achieve a new, avant-garde product design.

The highly integrated PSoC MCU helps reduce BOM cost and provides excellent noise immunity, ensuring reliable operation under extreme environmental conditions, making cost-effective system design possible.

In addition, Cypress also introduced the new CY8CKIT-148 PSoC 4700S inductive sensing evaluation kit. The kit is a low-cost hardware platform for the design and debug of this family of MCUs, including MagSense inductive sensing buttons, a proximity sensor and FPC connectors to evaluate the performance of various coils, such as rotary encoders. The Cypress PSoC CreatorTM Integrated Design Environment (IDE) supports product design based on the PSoC 4700S Series, allowing users to drag and drop mass-produced hardware modules such as MagSenses inductive sensing through a simple graphical interface.

The CY8CKIT-148 PSoC 4700S Inductive Sensing Evaluation Kit is priced at $49 and can be purchased at the Cypress online store and authorized distributors. For more information, please refer to the Cypress Semiconductor website: