Infineon Technologies, the world's leading semiconductor manufacturer, was recently invited by Alibaba to participate in the Cloud Computation Conference 2018. At the show, Infineon exhibited smart power, smart buildings, smart homes, smart speakers and other integrated power, sensing and security technologies. Program. At the same time, it also exhibited its next-generation series of products such as GaN power devices and 3D ToF sensors.

At the conference summit, Andreas Urschitz, President of Infineon's Devision President of Power Management and Multimarket, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Joint Innovation to Continuously Enhance Customer and Social Value." In the speech, Andreas Urschitz explained how the future of the Internet of Things will drive the digital transformation of the entire industry and society with the actual scenes of multiple digital lives and the supporting technologies behind it.

Andreas Urschitz pointed out: "The interactive approach has brought about the development of intelligence and the Internet of Things. As a leader in the semiconductor industry, Infineon's rich portfolio of power, sensing, and security products is having a broad impact on the Internet of Things. With 3D ToF sensing, silicon-based microphones, millimeter-wave radar, hardware-level secure connections, smart city lighting, and energy-efficient cloud servers, Infineon is widely covering IoT's industrial applications and building a complete architecture foundation for the Internet of things with sensor technology as the core."

Infineon at Alibaba Cloud Computing Conference -SemiMedia

Based on Infineon's important position in the IoT industry and the IoT field partnership with Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba presented the IoT Partner Program Alliance Senior Membership Certificate to Infineon at this Cloud Computing Conference. The two sides will work together to promote the application of Internet of Things technology in smart cities, industry, and life.