Infineon Technologies today announced a new development plan in Silicon Valley and a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University's CyLab Security and Privacy Institute.

CyLab is one of the world's largest university cybersecurity research and education centers, introducing the "Secure and Private IoT Initiative" to develop innovative software, tools, methods and models to protect networks and devices. The program addresses the risks associated with attacks on electronic systems that make up the Internet of Things, which may expose confidential information such as know-how, intellectual property, customer data, and process intelligence.

The Infineon’s new security research team will be part of the company's Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) in Milpitas, California. The current SVIC team is working on key projects in the automotive and artificial intelligence (AI) market, and this new security research team will focus on next-generation security solutions that provide ease of use and interoperability for all Connected devices offer a wide range of applications, including innovations in smart cards, identity documents and computer security, as well as ways to protect connected devices used in smart homes, industrial 4.0, smart cities and automated transportation.

“Securing electronic devices and infrastructures has been a top priority for Infineon for over 30 years. As the U.S. leads the world in IoT innovation, it is important that we support American-driven efforts both with our own regional R&D activities and with partners who share similar commitments," said Robert LeFort, President of Infineon Americas.