STMicroelectronics recently demonstrated its smart solutions at the Computing Conference in Alibaba. These solutions include cloud services and wireless connectivity, sensing and data processing, automotive infotainment systems and data security. Showcases ST's market-leading IoT, smart driving products and solutions.

In terms of cloud services and wireless connectivity, STMicroelectronics demonstrated examples of automatic generation of "STM32+AliOS-Things" code based on the Alibaba IoT development kit, STM32F4-based AliOS-Things certification demonstration and LoRaWANTM based on AliOS-Things and STM32 Solution; In terms of sensors and data processing, STMicroelectronics demonstrated a Sensor Cube solution that produces a variety of LED light effects; in automotive infotainment, STMicroelectronics demonstrated its ADAS and infotainment and in-vehicle information services Solution; In terms of data security, STMicroelectronics demonstrated its STM32-based smart lock demonstration solution, which ensures the security of authentication and data communication, enabling users to easily and securely control smart locks with Bluetooth or NFC smartphones. .

As early as April this year, Jerome Roux, executive vice president of STMicroelectronics and head of sales and marketing for Asia Pacific, mentioned at the STM32 summit 2018 that STMicroelectronics now has two main directions, one is the Internet of Things, including Smart hardware (wearable devices), smart homes, smart cities, smart industries (such as smart machines and robots), and smart driving, shows its emphasis on the IoT field. In addition, ST has also started cooperation with Alibaba on the Internet of Things earlier, aiming to create an Internet of Things ecosystem.

As one of the world's largest semiconductor companies, ST has a broad product line, sensors, power devices, automotive products and embedded processor solutions, all of which play an important role in the IoT ecosystem. Among them, MCU is one of ST's most important businesses. At present, the development trend of IoT is closely related to the MCU. Whether it is a small node for connection and a sensor hub for collecting and recording data, it is mainly based on the MCU platform.