Infineon announced yesterday that it plans to carry out an employee recruitment program in its Austrian Graz branch. According to the plan, by 2020, Infineon will add nearly 300 employees to the current 400 employees.

“Whether it is the pressure sensor of a car tire, the sensor of a self-driving car or the chip in a passport and an electronic card, many of the achievements in modern life are the technology of Infineon Group. The secret behind success is that Infineon focuses on energy efficiency. Key growth themes such as mobility and security,” said Sabine Herlitschka, CEO of Infineon Austria.

According to reports, Graz Infineon has been in existence for 20 years, mainly focusing on non-contact safety technology and automotive peripheral technology, such as the laser radar system for autonomous driving, even in the debit card there is technology from Infineon Graz. Infineon is one of the most research-intensive companies in Austria with more than 70 research collaborations.

Infineon’s investment in Austria has increased in recent years, including plans announced in May this year, which will invest 1.6 billion euros to build a new chip factory in Villach.