According to the Korean media Aju Business Daily, SK hynix will invest about 48 million US dollars to find investment targets through mainland investment companies, invest in companies with development potential, implement SK Group's China Insider policy, and further expand its mainland market layout. Semiconductor manufacturers, technology start-ups, and venture capital companies are all likely to become SK hynix’s target.

SK Group said in 2006 that it will establish a second SK Hynix in the mainland China, using the profits earned in the mainland to re-invest in the investment, this plan became SK Hynix's China Insider policy, this investment plan is also part of this policy.

As early as 2016, SK hynix established SK Hynix Ventures Hong Kong Investment Company in Hong Kong in order to gain more investment opportunities in Mainland China, and invested approximately US$1 million in TCL Fund to obtain 11.06% of the shares. In July 2018, SK hynix invested in a wafer foundry in Wuxi city through its subsidiary SK Hynix System IC, with a total capital of 167.1 billion won, of which SK hynix system IC holds 50.1%, the factory is scheduled to be completed in the second half of 2019. At the same time, SK hynix will invest 300 million US dollars before the end of 2022 to build a general hospital in Wuxi.

Mainland China is the region with the highest proportion of SK hynix's revenue. SK hynix has increased its investment in the mainland in recent years. In addition to accumulating new business development foundations, it can also increase brand awareness in the mainland market.