Recently, U-blox CEO Thomas Seiler said in an interview with the media: "China is a very large telecom market. Naturally, it has a leading position in deploying these technologies."

According to reports, about 30% of U-blox's revenue comes from the mainland China market, the revenue in 2017 exceeded $400 million. U-blox currently has more than 1,000 customers in mainland China, of which approximately 100 million integrated circuits (ICs) and modules are installed in in-vehicle navigation, entertainment systems, gas and water meters, payment terminals and telecommunications infrastructure.

"5G is a growing network, and consumer-visible deployments and additional benefits will first appear in all areas of smartphones, including ultra-high-definition video, 3D gaming, mobile cloud computing and video surveillance. In terms of technology, 5G is very complex and requires collaboration between companies around the world." said Thomas Seiler.

According to a report released by Ernst & Young in June, China is in a leading position in the international 5G development competition. By 2025, China's network users are expected to reach 576 million, accounting for more than 40% of global usage. In addition, China has determined the release date of the 5G commercialization in 2019 and the goal of achieving large-scale commercialization by 2020.

"U-blox is a fabless factory, production is done with partners in the Chinese market and is considering setting up a research and development center in China," said Thomas Seiler. "By 2020, China will achieve meaningful realization in the 5G field, and U-Blox will not face any entry problems when entering the vast Chinese market."