Recently, FH Advanced Technology announced that it plans to invest approximately USD 66.5 million to implement the expansion project with an additional monthly output of 5.6 billion MLCCs, aiming to continuously improve the company's MLCC capacity scale and optimize product structure to enhance market competitiveness. The construction period of the project is from January 2018 to December 2019.

In the past two years, the semiconductor industry in mainland China has maintained rapid growth, and the market demand for electronic components industry is strong, some manufacturers have actively expanded their production. Although FH Advanced Technology's capacity scale has been continuously expanding, but limited by production capacity, the current delivery volume and delivery speed of MLCC still failed to meet market demand.

The investment of FH Advanced Technology aims to ensure the smooth implementation of the company's medium and long-term strategic planning and the competitive position by continuously optimizing product structure adjustments, accelerating capacity expansion and technical level.