GlobalFoundries announced yesterday that it will shelve the 7-nanometer plan indefinitely. According to industry analysts, GlobalFoundries's move is equivalent to withdrawing from the 7-nanometer process.

According to GlobalFoundries, according to the development direction set by the new CEO Tom Caulfield earlier this year, GlobalFoundries will focus on high-growth market customers, focusing on the supply of truly differentiated solutions. As a result, GlobalFoundries will realign the FinFET development blueprint to better serve its customers with the 14/12nm FinFET platform, offering a range of innovative IP and features including RF, embedded memory and low power. In order to invest in this transformation, GlobalFoundries will suspend the 7nm FinFET program indefinitely.

After the withdrawal of GlobalFoundries, the global 7nm process foundry market will only have two players, TSMC and Samsung. However, TSMC 7nm has entered mass production and is ahead of Samsung in terms of progress. Therefore, orders from companies including Apple, Qualcomm, Supermicro, Xilinx, NVIDIA and so on have basically been given to TSMC.

At the same time that GlobalFoundries announced that it will shelve the 7-nanometer plan, AMD, which has relied on GlobalFoundries to provide foundry services, has announced that 7-nanometer Vega graphics chips and 7-nm Rome server processors will be manufactured by TSMC, furthermore, all of AMD's future 7nm product lines will be produced by TSMC.