Recently, SK hynix participated in the Flash Memory Summit in Silicon Valley and announced the world's first 4D NAND product. In the future, it can manufacture U.2 SSD with a capacity of up to 64TB. The product uses CTF (Charge Trap Flash) architecture to make the storage unit area smaller, faster and more durable. Compared with the traditional architecture, the peripheral circuits of 4D NAND are located below the memory unit, which can reduce the chip area, shorten the processing time and reduce the cost.

SK hynix 4D NAND is a 96-layer stacked 512Gb TLC with an I/O interface speed of 1.2Gbps and is expected to be completed the sample production in the fourth quarter of this year. SK hynix will further introduce SSDs with a capacity of up to 2TB in a BGA package (16mm x 20mm) based on 4D NAND.

In terms of performance, the V5 4D chip area is 20% smaller than the V4 3D, the read speed is increased by 30%, and the write speed is increased by 25%.

SK hynix said that chips in BGA packages can reach 1Tb specifications, and U.2 interface SSDs made with 4D flash memory can reach a maximum capacity of 64TB. Compared to 3D flash, the new V5 4D flash chip area is reduced by 20%, and the read speed is increased by 30%.

In addition, SK hynix's internal 4D flash memory has been advanced to a 128-layer stack, and will soon be able to achieve 512GB on a single-chip, according to SK Hynix, its plan is to achieve 8TB on a single-chip in 2025.