Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation (VIS) held a conference on August 7th, president Leuh Fang pointed out that considering the huge cost of investing in new plants, the long time to build factories and other factors, decided to cancel the new 12-inch factory plan, and use the funds to fully expand the 8-inch capacity.

Leuh Fang pointed out that the 8-inch wafer foundry demand is strong due to the strong demand for LCD driver ICs and power management ICs. In the second half of the year, production capacity will be fully loaded, wafer shipments and unit prices will increase, and customers' demand for various processes will increase.

Leuh Fang admits that even if it wants to increase the 8-inch capacity, there is no second-hand equipment to buy at this stage, it is still a great challenge at the moment. At present, VIS will first consider expanding the clean room in the NO. 3 factory, when the machine is in place, the 8-inch wafer capacity can be expanded immediately. In addition, he also analyzed that, from the application trend, the priority of expanding 8-inch production capacity is more helpful to VIS, for example, in addition to the rapid growth of high-power products and increased applications, Many discrete components are also being gradually produced by 8-inch plants, and the company is optimistic about the prospect of 8-inch wafer foundry in the next 5-8 years.