Holtek recently introduced a new LCD controller and driver IC, the HT16H25, which has a built-in charge pump to generate the required higher LCD operating voltage. It can control up to 960 patterns in a 16COM by 60SEG format and supports a selectable frame rate ranging from 50Hz to 300Hz. For LCD panels with larger stroke segment areas, higher duty ratios or for VA type LCDs, the device can offer excellent contrast display effects. These features combine make this new device suitable for use in exercise equipment, vehicle instruments, medical devices, POS machines, industrial panels and other similar applications.

The device can be used in single power source applications. Requiring only a single VDD power source, the integrated charge pump circuit can generate an output voltage 2~5 times that of the VDD voltage so can therefore generate a maximum LCD operating voltage of 12V. Together with its internal resistor divider circuit, users can configure the options according to their load and power consumption requirements. The device also provides a flexible scanning count that can be from 1COM to 16COM for applications with different pixel requirements. Additionally the device has an integrated contrast ratio adjustment circuit and 4 general purpose output ports with each port supporting 64-level PWM outputs for LED dimming control.

The device is supplied in both 100-pin and 80-pin LQFP package types for simplified soldering and installation and supports both I2C and SPI dual interfaces. The device can be used in dot matrix or segmented types LCD panels, supporting displays with up to 960 patterns or 12-character by 2-row for 5x8 character displays. The device’s power saving design makes it also suitable for use in green home appliances.

For more information on this product, please refer to the official website of Holtek: http://www.holtek.com