Maxim recently announced a pair of feature-rich, high-performance, scalable power management ICs (PMICs) that help mobile product designers maximize performance per watt of power while increasing system efficiency. It can be widely used in high-density deep learning system-on-chip (SoC), FPGA and application processors.

The MAX77714 and MAX77752 are available in a wide range of applications including enhanced AR/VR, gaming, solid-state drives (SSD), security and industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and handheld devices such as cameras and smart home hubs. The PMIC architecture offers a number of benefits, including 40% lower power consumption than standard solutions, and offers the most compact form factor in the market while extending battery life.

As mobile devices move to higher-performance application processors and SoCs, the computing power required for consumer electronics is growing. However, users expect their battery-powered, always-on electronics to achieve lower operating temperatures and longer working hours. As a result, designers face the challenge of reducing board space and component cost for consumer electronics devices and achieving higher efficiency, higher horsepower, and flexible power sequencing.

Maxim's high-performance PMICs provide a complete single-chip power management solution that enables application processors to operate at peak levels and achieve a stable, high-quality user experience. The two PMICs also incorporate a variety of features that allow designers to reduce solution package size and system cost.

MAX77714: High Performance PMIC for High Density Applications

The MAX77714 PMIC provides a complete, efficient, low-profile power management solution that supports multi-core processor systems operating at peak performance, with efficiencies greater than 90% in 3.6VIN and 1.1VOUT modes of operation. The device uses 70-bump, 4.1mm x 3.25mm x The 0.7mm WLP package supports thinner, smaller devices that extend battery life by up to 40% compared to stand-alone solutions. Compared to discrete solutions, the device integrates 13 regulators (including 9 low dropout linear regulators), real time clock, battery backup charger, watchdog timer, flexible power sequencing and 8 universal inputs /Output (GPIO), which effectively reduces design cycles, component count, and bill of materials costs.

MAX77752: High-performance, small-size, multi-channel PMIC with hot-swap support

The MAX77752 is a multi-channel, small form factor, integrated PMIC designed for applications with multiple power rails and requiring hot-swap capability. The device delivers up to 90% efficiency in 3.6VIN, 1.8VOUT operation, extending battery life, including a flexible Power Sequence Manager (FPS) that supports hardware or software power-up control. The device enables output and integration by integrating 3-way buck (with high-precision power-down comparator), 1 low-dropout linear regulator, 2 dedicated load switch controllers, 1 surge limiter, and 2 external regulators. For backup power control voltage monitoring and digital output sources for logic control, design cycles, component count, and BOM cost are reduced. The MAX77752 is available in a small, 40-pin, 5mm x 5mm x 0.8mm, 0.4mm solder ball pitch TQFN package.

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