Last week, according to supply chain news, some second-tier resistor factories were cut off supply by ceramic substrate manufacturers. Industry insiders pointed out that the size of these resistor factories are not large. At present, the supply and demand of ceramic substrates are tight, but the big resistor factory currently has no supply problems for the raw materials, but there is no excess capacity and materials for inventory.

The world's major ceramic substrate plants are Japan Maruwa , ECT, Kyocera, CCTC, etc. Most of these ceramic substrate manufacturers are small and medium-sized manufacturers. Although the price of ceramic substrates has risen since last year, there are not many Manufacturers which are willing to expand production because they are worried that capital expenditure cannot be recovered. The only factory that has a small-scale expansion is the CCTC in mainland China.

With a monthly capacity of more than 100 billion, Yageo is the world's largest manufacturer, with a large number of advantages and strong cooperation with suppliers. It is relatively advantageous in the supply of ceramic substrates. Yageo said that it is affected by environmental protection policies and Sichuan floods. The tight supply of ceramic substrates may continue until the end of the year, or even the first quarter of next year.

RALEC Malaysia's current monthly capacity of resistor is 36 billion, which is already the highest capacity of the plant. The company's ceramic substrates are mainly from Japan Maruhe and CCTC. According to RALEC's estimation, the ceramic substrate tight supply will continue until at least the fourth quarter.