Yageo announced yesterday that the Taiwan Economic Ministry Investment Review Committee has approved its acquisition of Pulse Electronics.

As early as May 22, 2018, Yageo held an interim board of directors, announcing that it would acquire a 100% stake in Pulse Electronics in cash through a 100%-owned subsidiary, Pluto Merger Corporation, for a total transaction value of $740 million.

It is understood that Pulse Electronics has long been engaged in the fields of wireless communication, network equipment, power management, automotive electronics and industrial specifications, and focuses on the development of advanced technologies such as 5G and EV (electric vehicles), and has several patents in the global region. At present, Pulse Electronics' competitors are all international companies, among which high-end transformer competitors are TDK, Delta and Sumida, integrated connectors competitors are Tyco, Molex and Amphenol, and high-frequency ceramic resistor competitors are TDK. , Murata, wireless components, antenna components competitors Mitsubishi and Johanson, wireless module competitors are Amphenol and Speed.

According to previous reports from SemiMedia, the acquisition of Pulse Electronics will increase Yageo's product range and portfolio, strengthening Yageo's complete layout in the automotive electronics and industrial markets.