Holtek recently released a new generation of Touch Key Flash MCU series, including BS86C08C, BS86D12C and BS86E16C.

This new product offers enhanced noise immunity compared to the previous generation. Can resist various types of noise interference, such as power supply noise, radio frequency interference, power fluctuations, etc. All devices passed the dynamic 10V test of conductive susceptibility. The program's program memory capacity is up to 16K words, operating voltage is 2.2V ~ 5.5V, respectively, support 8, 12 and 16 touch keys.

In addition, these new devices offer a higher range of system resources in addition to high-current LED driver circuits that drive white LEDs. These features combine to ensure that the device is suitable for applications that require display functions, touch key functions, temperature or other analog signal measurement and temperature control functions. Applicable products include rice cookers, high-speed mixers, soya-bean milk makers, electric pressure cookers, electric kettles, heating stations and other related products.

·These devices also offer 4-level selectable LVR voltage range 2.1V~3.8V, 8-level selectable LVD voltage range 2.0V~4.0V, 8-channel A/D converter, 10-bit compact timer module, one or two 10-bit period timer module for PWM output generation, external LXT oscillator options, and UART and I2C communication interfaces. These devices are available in 24-pin SOP / SSOP, 28-pin SOP / SSOP and 44-pin LQFP packages.