STMicroelectronics has recently passed GSMA certification, becoming the world's first GSMA-certified embedded SIM (eSIM) manufacturer. According to the GSMA's UICC Production Safety Certification Program (GSMA SAS), ST will produce eSIM chips based on existing certifications that comply with the GSMA security and reliability specifications.

The eSIM is customized with connection credentials, enabling smaller form factors, higher security and greater flexibility. Its chip-level, permanently embedded, and electronically reprogrammable features allow smart phones to save more space for additional functionality or battery capacity, while its size advantages allow it to be used in more applications. Examples include smart watches and Internet-based smart phones, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including smart meters, remote sensors or gateways.

ST can now deliver a personalized eSIM built from the validated ST33 security microcontroller directly to the customer's production facility, ready to use at any time without further programming request. OEMs, mobile network operators and SIM operating system (OS) providers can save processing overhead and shorten time-to-market by simplifying the eSIM supply chain, thereby enjoying greater convenience, economy, and business efficiency.