Analog Devices recently announced the ADPD188BI integrated optics module that integrates two types of LEDs, photodiodes and analog front ends (AFEs) in a single package. The open price is 4.00 USD/pcs base on MOQ of 1000pcs.

ADI announces integrated optical module that reduces malfunction of smoke detector-SemiMedia

The AFE integrated in the chip provides excellent ambient light removal performance, reducing power consumption and extending battery life. Two LEDs help reduce false alarms caused by steam and dust. False positives are the main reason that a detector is removed or disabled by user. According to the statistics of the American Fire Protection Association, nearly one-quarter (23%) of the deaths cased by fire disaster in the United States occur when smoke detectors are not working or are deactivated.

The ADPD188BI integrates an optical module measuring 3.8 mm x 5.0 mm x 0.9 mm and uses blue (470 nm) and infrared (850 nm) LEDs. It has two external photosensor inputs and three 370 mA LED drivers.

In addition, the ADPD 188 BI complies with the new UL 217 standard and the EN 54/14604 standard. Since two colors can be used to differentiate particle sizes based on an integrated design, smoke detection performance and classification performance can be improved, and the source of failure can be eliminated. With this solution, it is possible to design a type of backscattered light having LEDs close to the photodiode arrangement, and realize a small-sized smoke detector that can be used for home use and consumer use because the PCB size can be reduced.