Xilinx and Daimler AG announced that the two companies are collaborating to jointly develop a vehicle system which uses Xilinx’ artificial intelligence processing technology of automotive applications. This scalable solution is supported by the Xilinx automotive platform, which combines system-on-chip devices and AI acceleration software to bring high performance, low latency to embedded AI in today's automotive applications. And the industry's best power efficiency and many other outstanding features.

Xilinx and Daimler collaborate to develop artificial intelligence automotive applications-SemiMedia

As part of the strategic cooperation, deep learning experts at the Mercedes-Benz R&D center in Sindelfingen, Germany, and Bangalore, India are embarking on their own AI algorithms on Xilinx's highly flexible automotive platform. Xilinx AI processor technology will be commercialized by Mercedes-Benz to achieve the most efficient commercial use of neural networks.