The Taiwan diode maker Taiwan Semiconductor has intensified its efforts in automotive electronics in recent years, and has recently entered the supply chain of several automakers.

On June 28th, Taiwan Semiconductor announced that it will spend USD 7.1 million to acquire ON Semiconductor's Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) product line, and be able to use the product's global customer base, the inventory for serving customers, and 30 month of trademark authorization of Fairchild brand. The acquisition aims to increase Taiwan Semiconductor’s strength and market share in the automotive and industrial control sectors.

In the past more than a year, the prices of passive components and MOSFETs have continued to rise, and diodes have gradually appeared in the same situation. The reason is that large international manufacturers have successively transferred production capacity to automotive electronics. This has led to the Insufficient production capacity of diodes for consumer applications.

However, for Taiwan Semiconductor, access to the automotive market is the only way to become one of the largest manufacturers in the world. As the car will strengthen its safety performance in the future, plus it has entered the Japanese and European automotive market, and owns 6-inch fab capacity, these objective and subjective factors have made Taiwan Semiconductor a beneficiary and have made It possible to increase its market share fast.