Melexis recently introduced a two-chip chipset, the MLX81325, which directly integrates sensing into drive electronics, simplifying the design of low-cost, high-performance automotive solutions and shortening the time to market. In addition, the chipset integrates induction and brush motor drive functions, it is an idea chipset for automotive applications such as seat movements, window lifts, and sunroofs.

The MLX81325 is an integrated smart motor pre-driver with local interconnect network (LIN) capability and protocol controller. The QFN32 32-pin, 5mm x 5mm package provides fine powerFET control for efficient, low-noise operation. Brush motor start and stop.

The integrated solution includes four FET PWM pre-drivers, 32k flash and 16k ROM. Built-in various diagnostic functions, current sensing enables smart anti-pinch protection. A total of eight I / O lines can be directly connected to the position sensor from Melexis to simplify system design.