January 15, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- According to reports, Microchip Technology plans to provide a two -week vacation for employees of its Gresham factory in March, which means that the factory will suspend production for two weeks. In addition, Microchip also considers the suspension of production again in June.

Microchip has just received $72 million in US federal funds not long ago to expand the Gresham factory. However, the current sales of weakness forced them to take short -term suspension measures.

Microchip has approximately 900 employees in the Gresham area. The company emphasizes that vacation will not change the company's plan to expand the Gresham factory, but it reflects the short -term problem of the backlog of inventory caused by weak demand.

Microchip CEO Ganesh Moorthy states that during the uncertain period, the company sometimes requires the team to participate in the joint sacrifice collectively, such as short -term shutdown, so as to maintain sufficient personnel and avoid layoffs. The semiconductor industry is cyclical. It is the tenacity and agility that persist in these cycles that keep Microchip stable in various business environments.