January 15, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- DISCO Corporation, a Japanese chip manufacturing equipment manufacturer, plans to build a factory in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan to produce parts for processing chips.

Disco is expected to invest more than 40 billion yen (about 276 million US dollars), and it is planned to start construction as early as 2025. The new factory will produce a cutting wheel for cutting, grinding and polishing. By 2035, the company's production capacity will increase by 14 times.

"We will take measures to make a premissions to cope with the expected demand growth," said Disco CEO Kazuma Sekiya.

It is reported that Disco's share in cutting, grinding and polishing machines ranks first in the world. The company bought a piece of land next to the existing factories in Hiroshima County in 2023, and plans to build three factories around 2035.