January 11, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- STMicroelectronics (ST) yesterday announced an upcoming reorganization that will take effect on February 5, 2024.

Through the reorganization, STMicroelectronics will transition from three product divisions to two product divisions (APMS and MDRF), and Marco Monti, former president of the Automotive and Discrete Products Group, will leave the company.

Among them, the Analog, Power and Discrete, MEMS and Sensors (APMS) division will be led by Marco Cassis, ST President and member of the Executive Committee; Microcontrollers (MCU), Digital Integrated Circuits and Radio Frequency Products (MDRF) will be led by ST President and Executive Committee Member Remi El Ouazzane.

"This organizational structure reform is in line with ST's commitment to speed up time to market, strengthen product development innovation and improve operational efficiency." said Jean-Marc Chery, ST President and CEO.

In addition, ST said that to complement the existing sales and marketing organization, a new application marketing organization will be implemented in all regions, which will provide ST customers with end-to-end system solutions based on the company's product and technology portfolio.

The application marketing organization will cover the following four end markets:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial Power and Energy
  • Industrial Automation, IoT and AI
  • Personal Electronics, Communication Equipment and Computer Peripherals.