October 9, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- According to reports, Samsung Electronics is reducing investment in the Pyeongtaek P3 wafer fab, and the scale of the factory expansion may be only one-third of the originally planned size.

Pyeongtaek P3 wafer fab is one of Samsung's largest production bases. Samsung originally planned to increase the production capacity of its P3 fab by 80,000 DRAM and 30,000 NAND wafers, but now the capacity expansion has been reduced to 50,000 DRAM and 10,000 NAND wafers.

The reduction in P3 expansion investment means that Samsung’s supply will not increase significantly in the next year, especially in NAND.

Industry insiders said that Samsung's upgrade to advanced processing nodes requires equipment replacement, which will naturally reduce production. Cutting investment at this time may have a significant impact on the market.