October 10, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- According to supply chain insiders, Samsung Electronics’ recent survey of the semiconductor demand of its major global customers shows that the adjustment of memory chip inventory by customers in various fields is nearing the end. Starting in 2024, there will be a supply shortage of DRAM and NAND Flash in some regions.

The source said that Samsung launched a survey on semiconductor demand in 2024 and analyzed the current status of memory chip inventories of major customers around the world. Samsung will decide whether to continue production cuts based on the results of the investigation and will discuss the scale of production cuts.

The survey results indicate that the semiconductor industry will rebound across the board from 2024 onwards. As the smartphone market gradually recovers, supply shortages of DRAM and NAND chips are expected to occur in some markets, especially in the Chinese market.

Samsung said that more and more semiconductor companies have completed the inventory adjustment stage, especially after successful price negotiations with its largest customer Apple. Losses from the NAND business are expected to decrease significantly.

In the server DRAM business, semiconductor inventory adjustments for major North American customers are also entering the final stage. Data center operators are expanding infrastructure investments in response to AI demands.