October 9, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- FUJIFILM announced that it has completed the acquisition of the electronic chemicals business of Entegris, Inc. for US$700 million. The business organization has been renamed FUJIFILM Electronic Materials Process Chemicals.

The acquisition includes 593 employees and 12 facilities, including seven manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe and Singapore. This acquisition will enrich Fujifilm's semiconductor manufacturing chemical product line, the HPPCs (High Purity Process Chemicals) series.

HPPCs series products are usually used to etch and clean silicon wafers during the production process, that is, during the cleaning and drying process to remove foreign matter in the semiconductor manufacturing process and residual unnecessary metals, grease and other chemicals during the etching process.

According to Fujifilm, as the semiconductor manufacturing process becomes more and more complex, the use of semiconductor manufacturing chemicals is accelerating, and the market is growing at an annual rate of 11%.