Analog Devices plans to move its headquarters from Norwood to Wilmington campus.

According to reports, ADI is building 441,160 square feet of new construction on the land in Wilmington, which will include the construction of 175,000 square feet of office and research and development buildings, a 50,000 square foot community center building, and a 670-space parking garage. In addition, ADI will also retrofit the existing Wilmington facilities. The project is expected to cost US$142 million.

Analog Devices move headquarters to Wilmington-SemiMedia

Once these facilities are completed, ADI will close its Norwood plant, in addition to transferring 450 employees from Norwood and its other Massachusetts facilities in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, to the new headquarters, it will also integrate 2,000 Massachusetts employees in the new facility. Furthermore, It will also create 50 new full-time jobs in the next five years.