NXP Semiconductors recently announced a strategic cooperation agreement with Baidu, the largest search engine company in China. The two companies will collaborate on IoT technologies and promote industry innovation. They will also support developers and ecosystem partners to build secure IoT applications.

As part of the partnership, NXP will support Baidu’s smart IoT platform cloud, from cloud to IoT device security, through its industry-leading Security Element (SE) solution. NXP is embedded in every IoT device to ensure that edge nodes connect and protect data in a wide range of markets, including smart logistics, smart homes and smart cities. This optimized solution has been successfully implemented in many applications such as smart locks, smart gateways, blockchains and RFID logistics.

Senior Vice President and Greater China President of NXP Li Zheng said: "In the past few years, Baidu has made great progress in artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, and is committed to building a leading intelligent Internet of Things platform and ecosystem. As the world's leading provider of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things ICs, NXP is pleased to support Baidu through our comprehensive smart Internet of Things solutions. We look forward to working with Baidu and other partners to create a new digital, intelligent and secure future.”

The Industrial Research Institute predicts that by 2020, the income of China's artificial intelligence technology industry will exceed 150 billion yuan, and the upstream and downstream industries will increase by 1 trillion yuan. With its comprehensive, secure, intelligent and connected solutions, NXP is committed to developing new applications and establishing ecosystem relationships that will enable all individuals, companies and governments to be more digital and intelligent. NXP's innovations in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things have been recognized globally. Compass Intelligence recently ranked NXP as the third largest AI chipset company in the world.