Cypress Semiconductor has announced the official launch of the SemperTM NOR flash memory product line. This product series is aimed at the automotive and industrial fields and provides users with the best security and reliability in the industry. The architecture and design of the Semper flash product family is designed to create a trouble-free embedded automotive safety system and is the first storage product to meet the ISO 26262 functional safety standard. This product line meets the requirements of the automotive industry and ASIL-B's functional safety standards, and provides excellent durability and data retention in automotive and industrial extreme temperature applications.

With Cypress's EnduraFlexTM architecture, Semper flash products can be partitioned into multiple partitions and individually optimized for the durability and long-term storage capabilities of each partition, simplifying system design. For frequent data writes, 512Mb density products can achieve up to 1.28 million program erases by partitioning the Semper Flash, while 1Gb density products can achieve up to 2.56 million program erases. For code and configuration storage, up to 25 years of data retention can be achieved by configuring a single partition.

The Semper flash product family includes the AEC-Q100 automotive certification product, which supports extended temperature ranges from -40°C to +125°C, 1.8V and 3.0V operating voltage ranges, and storage densities from 512Mb to 4Gb. This product offers different options for the Quad SPI, Octal SPI, and HyperBusTM interfaces. Among them, the products of Octal and HyperBus interface are JEDEC xSPI standard as high-performance x8 NOR flash memory and provide 400 MBps read bandwidth.

Rainer Hoehler, vice president of Cypress Flash Business Unit, stated: “The safety and reliability of storage are the primary considerations for autonomous driving and industrial applications. Therefore, we have introduced a new Semper flash memory product line that meets functional safety requirements. The relevant standards to be able to circumvent system failures. Even in the harsh application environment, the Semper product family can provide the industry's best read bandwidth, instant start, high durability and long-term data storage capabilities, allowing users to enjoy long-term reliability Performance experience."

Currently, Cypress's 512Mb Semper flash product is in the stage of sampling to key customers. Mature samples will be available in 4Q2018. Production in 24-ball BGA, 16-pin SOIC and 8-contact WSON packages is expected to begin mass production in the first quarter of 2019.