ROHM Semiconductor has recently developed SensorShield-EVK-003, an expansion board for measuring acceleration, air pressure, geomagnetism, pulse, and other eight types of information through platforms such as the Arduino and mbed.

In recent years, with the development of IoT fields such as infrastructure, agriculture, and automobiles, a large number of services, applications, and components that promote the realization of IoT have emerged, and companies have made every effort to promote the business for this market. On the other hand, when evaluating IoT on the system, its corresponding development requires deep software, hardware and other professional knowledge and a large amount of development time. Moreover, due to differences in the installation environments and development environments of various components, it is difficult to make an assessment.

ROHM Semiconductor has developed a "Lazurite" series of open platform tools to solve these problems. It aims to contribute to the prototype design and development of various manufacturers and IoT devices.

SensorShield-EVK-003 is a highly evaluated sensor evaluation kit that supports open platforms. This product integrates ROHM Semiconductor's eight sensor products on a PCB board and integrates an open platform connection expansion board into a kit. The sensor environment can be easily built by connecting to Arduino Uno and embedding software. Utilizing the advantages of simple evaluation and easy introduction of sensor products, the development time of IoT devices can be greatly reduced, and the market can be further expanded easily.

In addition to the "SensorShield-EVK-003" kit, ROHM also sells each sensor evaluation board and expansion board separately. These products have been on sale in the online sales platform such as Digi-key, Mouser since May 2018.