Texas Instruments recently announced the addition of several new microcontrollers (MCUs) to its MSP430TM family. The new MCUs feature integrated signal chain components and extend the operating temperature range. Among them, the new MSP430FR2355 ferroelectric memory (FRAM) MCUs not only meet the temperature requirements for sensing and measurement applications such as smoke detectors, sensor transmitters, and circuit breakers, but also help developers reduce printed circuit boards (PCBs) Size and reduce the BOM cost.

MSP430FR2355 MCU Key Features:

  • Signal chain configurability: By using the MSP430FR2355 MCU, engineers have more flexibility in system design. The MSP430FR2355 MCU integrates a smart analog combination - configurable signal chain components including multiple 12-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and programmable gain amplifiers, plus a 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and two enhancements Type comparator.


  • Extended Temperature Range: Developers can use the MSP430FR2355 MCU for applications that need to operate at temperatures up to 105°C, while still taking advantage of FRAM data logging capabilities.


  • Scalability of the MSP430 family: For cost-sensitive applications, engineers have more options to choose more suitable memory and processing speeds from the MSP430FR2355 MCUs. The MSP430 Premium Family FRAM MCUs are expandable by providing memory with up to 32KB of memory and a central processing unit (CPU) up to 24MHz. In addition, for applications that require up to 256 KB of memory, higher performance, or more analog peripherals, designers can also check the rest of the MSP430 FRAM MCU product family.