NXP Semiconductors recently announced the launch of two new power modules that are possible to become the new standard in the coming years.

NXP introduced a standard packaged RF power module.-SemiMedia

The simplicity of these new modules is that they combine the common TO-247 and TO-220 power packages while providing LDMOS technology for RF transistors, making installation very simple. At the same time, the compact reference circuit can be reused repeatedly in the frequency range of 1.8 MHz to 250 MHz. This will save a considerable amount of cost, and for most HF and VHF systems, it will also shorten the time to market and optimize the supply chain.

One of the new power module is the MRF101AN transistor, which provides a 100 W output in a TO-220 package. Another one is the MRF300AN transistor, which provides a 300 W output in a TO-247 package. The new transistors use standard through-hole technology to enable easy assembly to printed circuit boards (PCBs).

MRF101AN and MRF300AN are mainly for industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) applications, as well as HF and VHF communications. Switch-mode power supplies are also expected to give birth to a new market because this technology enables higher frequency switching than existing solutions, which reduces overall material costs. All of these products participate in NXP's "Continual Supply Program" to ensure supply for 15 years.

The MRF300AN is now available. The MRF101AN is currently sampling and is expected to begin production in September 2018.