ON Semiconductor has announced an expanded series of SiC Schottky diodes, including devices specifically designed for automotive applications. The new automotive-grade SiC diodes that meet AEC-Q101 gauges provide the reliability needed for modern automotive applications.

SiC technology offers better switching performance and higher reliability than silicon-based device. SiC diodes have no reverse recovery current and switching performance is independent of temperature. Excellent thermal performance, increased power density and reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI), reduced system size and reduced cost make SiC an excellent choice for more and more high-performance automotive applications.

ON Semiconductor's new SiC diodes are available in SMD and DIP packages including TO-247, D2PAK, and DPAK. The FFSHx0120 1200V first-generation device and the FFSHx065 650V second-generation device provide zero reverse recovery, low forward voltage, temperature-independent current stability, very low leakage current, high surge capacitance, and positive temperature coefficient. They provide higher energy efficiency, and faster recovery increases the switching speed, thereby reducing the size of the required magnetic elements. To meet ruggedness requirements and work reliably in automotive applications in harsh electrical environments, diodes are designed to withstand large inrush currents. They also include a unique patented terminal architecture that increases reliability and enhances stability.

Fabio Necco, senior director of ON Semiconductor, said: “On Semiconductor Semiconductor has introduced devices that meet AEC regulations and expanded Schottky diode series to bring SiC technology to automotive applications, enabling customers to meet the industry’s stringent performance requirements. SiC technology is very suitable for automotive environment, providing higher energy efficiency, faster switching, better thermal performance and higher strength. In the area of ​​space-saving and weight saving, higher power density of SiC helps Reducing the size of the overall solution and the associated advantages of smaller magnetic devices are welcomed by customers."