From the pool pump to the air purification unit, closed-loop control is one of the most basic tasks of an embedded system. Through an improved architecture, PIC and AVR 8-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) are optimized for closed-loop control, allowing the system to reduce the load on the central processing unit (CPU) to manage more tasks and reduce power consumption. To assist design engineers in maximizing system performance and efficiency, Microchip introduced the new PIC18 Q10 and ATtiny1607 families, which provide multiple core-independent smart peripherals (CIPs) to simplify the development process and quickly respond to system events.

Microchip introduces new PIC and AVR microcontrollers-SemiMedia

The PIC18 Q10 and ATtiny1607 MCUs are ideally suited for use in closed loop control applications. The main advantage of the PIC18 Q10 and ATtiny1607 MCUs is that they can independently manage tasks and reduce CPU processing. With hardware CIP, system designers can also save time and simplify the design work, which can significantly reduce the amount of software required for writing and verifying operations. Both series of products are guaranteed to be functionally safe, operate at voltages up to 5V, improve noise immunity, and are compatible with most analog outputs and digital sensors.

The new ATtiny1607 family is housed in a compact 3x3 mm 20-pin QFN package optimized for space-constrained closed-loop control systems such as handheld power tools and remote controls. This family of components not only incorporates high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) to increase analog signal conversion speeds to produce deterministic system responses, but also improve oscillator accuracy, allowing designers to reduce external components and save costs.

Steve Drehobl, vice president of Microchip's 8-bit MCU business unit, said: “We have seen a growing demand for flexible PIC and AVR microcontrollers for various embedded control applications. Through the challenges faced by designers of closed loop control systems, We have achieved unprecedented ease of use and performance in the PIC18 Q10 and ATtiny1607 series products."