Dec. 12, 2022 /SemiMedia/ -- Diodes Incorporated recently introduced two new bit-level retimers in response to the growing opportunities and lower power operating requirements of USB Type-C® technology. The DIODES™ PI2DPT1021 and PI2DPT821 devices are for use in laptop and desktop PCs, as well as docking stations, computer peripherals, game consoles, and active cables. They provide a compelling combination of industry-leading power efficiency in line with modern CPU platforms, compact form factors, and advanced functionality.

The new retimers each feature receiver adaptive equalization, which means that both long trace and short trace applications can be addressed. This function enables channel loss compensation up to -23dB for signal transmissions at 5GHz speeds and -18dB for 4.05GHz speeds plus jitter cleaning, without the need for a local reference clock.

The PI2DPT1021 supports 10Gbps USB3.2 Gen2 and DisplayPort™ (DP) version 1.4, while the PI2DPT821 supports 8.1Gbps DP1.4 and USB3.2 Gen1 protocols. A bidirectional, high-speed channel is incorporated into each device, which allows the flow from downstream facing ports (DFP) and upstream facing ports (UFP) to be swapped. As a result, engineers have greater layout flexibility when it comes to signal flow direction. In particular, thanks to their bidirectional operation, the PI2DPT1021 and PI2DPT821 are suitable for active cable implementations since both of their end connectors are the same and can act as either a DFP or UFP accordingly.

Other key attributes for these latest Diodes’ retimers are an ultra-low latency from signal input to output (<1ns) and a broad temperature range (covering 40°C to +85°C). Both have an I2C programming interface. Automatic power saving modes, applicable to both USB and DP, are pivotal in minimizing energy consumption.

The PI2DPT1021 and PI2DPT821 retimers are supplied in 32-pin QFN packages with 2.85mm x 4.5mm x 0.45mm dimensions. These devices are available at $1.65 and $1.28 respectively in 5000 piece quantities.