Dec. 13, 2022 /SemiMedia/ -- According to reports, STMicroelectronics is planning to increase the production process to 10nm, but considering that the fab will not be able to produce the 18nm process at full capacity until 2026, the time to reach the 10nm process may be later than expected.

The report pointed out that the STMicroelectronics fab will cooperate with GlobalFoundries to produce 50,000 wafers per month of 18nm FD-SOI, and then turn to the next node, using the 10nm process.

As early as July this year, STMicroelectronics and GF announced an investment of 5.7 billion euros to build a new semiconductor factory in France. The new plant is located near STMicroelectronics' existing 300mm fab in Crolles, France, and aims to be fully loaded by 2026, when the annual capacity will reach 620,000 300mm wafers.