Qualcomm announced the formation of Qualcomm AI Research, which will perform all of the top artificial intelligence (AI) research within the company for cross-functional and departmental collaborative and enhanced integration. Qualcomm Technologies started a pulsed neural network researching computer vision and motion control applications more than a decade ago, and began to explore the basic research of artificial intelligence. With Qualcomm's leading edge in connectivity and computing, Qualcomm AI Research currently has diversified research work spanning high-performance artificial intelligence, personalization, and data-efficient learning. These basic researches have helped to create a number of commercial solutions for smart phones, cars, and the Internet of Things (IoT), laying the groundwork for expanding on-device intelligence to many emerging industries.

Jim Thompson, executive vice president and chief technology officer of Qualcomm, said: “We are continuing to push forward the boundaries of artificial intelligence and tap its huge potential. At Qualcomm AI Research, we are committed to bringing together the best talent in the industry to shape the artificial intelligence software and hardware platform. Blueprint. Our goal is to make terminal-side artificial intelligence everywhere.”

Qualcomm Technology has great potential to integrate artificial intelligence into hundreds of millions of products each year through its solutions to support a seamless, personalized and predictable AI experience. Qualcomm AI Research will continue to communicate with the research community in a variety of ways, including through academic journals, participation in technical conferences and academic cooperation projects.