Murata recently introduced the latest encapsulated DC-DC converter, the 150W IRH series, which is designed specifically for industrial and railway applications and provides market-leading power conversion efficiency in industry-standard half-brick pins. The device uses the latest components and packaging technology in a fixed frequency switching power architecture.

At present, 150W IRH series products have passed the test and can meet the requirements of EN50155. To improve thermal management, the series offers standard and flange backplane options, as well as DOSA or other industry standard pin options. The packaged circuit designs of these modules provide shock and vibration resistance, as well as lower EMI and higher heat dissipation. With these features, the series offers users flexibility and reliability in design implementation.

The converter is suitable for demanding applications in the railway, industrial, power grid and transportation industries. In these industries, specific applications include mobile platforms, intermediate bus applications, smart grid communications equipment, fan trays, lighting, industrial and test equipment and other network equipment and other applications that require 5, 12 or 24 VDC regulated power supplies.