Renesas Electronics today announced the closure of the Yamaguchi Plant (Ube in Yamaguchi Prefecture) and a part of the Shiga Plant (Otsu City in Shiga Prefecture). It is expected that this measure will be completed within two to three years. The products produced on the production line affected by this decision are planned to stop production or transfer production to other facilities operated by the Renesas Group to continue production.

After the Kumamoto earthquake recovery work in 2016, Renesas investigated various possible alternatives for its 6-inch production line, including restructuring. The goal of the survey is to establish an optimized manufacturing environment for Renesas' future business. However, subsequent survey results showed that it was difficult to continue to supply products reasonably and stably through the operation of the Yamaguchi Plant and the Shiga Plant (silicon production line), which is why Renesas shut down the plant today. It is important to note that the plan calls for the continuous operation of the compound production line at the Shiga Factory.

At the same time, Renesas stated that it will make every effort to ensure the continued employment of employees affected by this decision. As for the partial use of Yamaguchi Plant and Shiga Plant after closure and merger, Renesas will strive to ensure the safety of the purchaser.