TTI is preparing a new office building for its European headquarters in Maisach-Gernlinden and expanding its existing distribution center. This expansion plan covers three aspects.

Warehouse Technology

TTI's investment in warehouse technology is estimated at about 23 million euros. This figure includes Supply Chain 4.0 software. After the completion of the new facility, TTI will have more than 30,000 square meters of warehouse space. With the new storage technology being put into use, TTI will be able to use space more effectively and increase the warehouse space by three times.

In the assembly of the shelves, the new shelf height will reach 15 meters, and 21,000 tray brackets will be provided in the first stage, which may further expand to 32,000. In addition to the traditional shelves, it will also include an automatic storage system with 110,000 containers. In the first phase, the automatic storage system will consist of 50 robots, driven by a silent motor, which will automatically provide goods at 24 picking stations.

Picking and packing

As now, order commissioning is still paperless, and this will be supported by designing a point-to-point system for ensuring order accuracy. In order to further increase the efficiency and optimize the use of transportation vehicles during transportation, the system will use automatic volume optimization and package labels. This will not only help save transportation costs but will also be more environmentally friendly.

Risk Management

An important part of the project is to integrate risk management plans, including failure mode and effect analysis and backup solutions to ensure delivery capabilities.

By planning expansion in two phases and combining different storage systems with manual operations and automated mixing, TTI hopes to improve efficiency and flexibility while responding to future market developments in a timely manner.