Texas Instruments recently introduced the industry's smallest-volume op amps and low-power comparators, using only 0.64 mm2 of space. As the first amplifier to use the X2SON package, the TLV9061 op amp enables engineers to dramatically reduce the size and cost while maintaining robust performance of the IoT and personal electronics applications such as mobile phones, wearable devices, optical modules, motor drives, smart grids and battery-powered systems.

TI introduces the world’s smallest-sized operational amplifier-SemiMedia

The TLV9061 op amp is designed for large bandwidth, high performance systems and features 10MHz gain bandwidth, fast 6.5 V/μs slew rate and 10 nV/√Hz low noise spectral density. Using the TLV9061 op amp for small space, high performance, and includes the following features 1. Reduced system size and cost: TLV9061 operational amplifier compact and integrated EMI filter input, can provide radio frequency interference to the system to achieve stable performance, and reduce The need for external discrete circuits. 2. More Accurate DC Accuracy: In the -40 to 125 degree Celsius environment, the zero drift and typical input bias of the TLV9061 are twice as low as similar products, and the signal chain is more accurate.

TI Precision Labs will be broadcasting an online webinar at 10:00am on June 5th. TI industry experts will introduce each topic to Help engineers shorten the design time and quickly move from proof of concept to productization. It will also illustrate the Precision Lab – ADC and AMPS content and easy operation, allowing users to experience the benefits of Precision Lab's work! For online seminar registration and details, please visit the TI website at www.ti.com.