After Dialog Semiconductor acquired Silego Technology from the end of last year, it actively integrated company resources, opened up more markets, enabled new-type components that accelerated the design cycle to be more widely adopted, and achieved initial results.

Mark Tyndall, senior vice president and general manager of emerging product groups at Dialog’s Corporate Development and Strategy Group, said that CMIC integrates a variety of analog, logic, and discrete component functions into a single chip and uses a development software with an intuitive interface. Configuration, customers can easily complete the design in a few hours, and create a customized IC prototype.

Usually in the circuit board design, the comparators, AD converters, counters, level shifters, various logic circuits, and discrete components must be scattered. Sometimes, the required support logic can be implemented with low-level FPGAs, but compared to discrete components, FPGAs are usually more expensive, and FPGAs cannot implement analog or discrete component functions. As a result, CMICs with a variety of analog and digital functional blocks have found a new opportunity to enter the market, allowing hardware engineers to more easily design mixed-signal circuits. Due to the special features of the CMIC, it can be used to replace various discrete analog components such as comparators, sequential circuits, and ADCs, and because of the programmable nature of the software, regardless of power, size, design cycle, safety, design flexibility, and differences. All aspects such as chemistry can bring great benefits.

In particular, since the circuit design is placed in GreenPAK, it can ensure that the customer's design IP is not copied, which is very important for today's highly competitive market that emphasizes differentiated design.

Tyndall said that Dialog is currently the only supplier of CMIC products on the market. By acquiring Silego to acquire the CMIC product line, it will be able to achieve a significant synergy. In addition to the economies of scale in wafer manufacturing, packaging, and the integration of human resources, Silego's resources were limited in the past and it was impossible to reach a broader customer base. Now we can combine GreenPAK CMIC with the existing power management and Bluetooth low energy products to create a more complete product portfolio.