Analog Devices announced the construction of a new Indian headquarters in Bangalore, India. The new 175,000-square-foot facility will focus on the development and sale of global automotive, industrial, healthcare, consumer products, Internet of Things (IoT), security, communications, and other cutting-edge technologies and solutions and energy markets.

“We have created a culture of innovation, collaboration and engineering excellence at ADI, encouraging our engineers to explore, learn and share, while providing them with the opportunity to work across teams and areas to make them full-scale experts,” Senior Vice President President Yusuf Jamal said. ADI President, Industrial, Medical, Consumer and Internet of Things Solutions and Security Group. “We have been actively investing in our global facilities, including the recently announced US expansion project in Silicon Valley to better attract and leverage local talent and skills, and this investment in ADI India will better drive us to accelerate Growth and impact on ADI."

Over the past two decades, ADI India has grown its employees 200-fold to support the changing needs of ADI's global customers, and in 1995 began to become a three-person product development center. Analog Devices transformed ADI from a modular and integrated circuit (IC) manufacturer to a provider of edge-to-cloud systems, and from a purely hardware-focused transformation to a software- and data-analog module, ADI India computing software, and artificial intelligence ( AI), Machine Learning (ML), Applications, Product and Test Engineering, Systems, and Development of Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits.

“ADI India has come a long way as an integrated circuit design center and has experienced significant expansion of the range of functions and functions performed by our skilled staff in Bangalore,” said Sai Krishna Mopuri, General Manager, ADI India. “When we enter this new facility, we plan to recruit more partners and talent through engineering colleges across the country and expand our university relations program with renowned academic institutions, including scholarships, sponsorships and internship opportunities.”