According to reports, after participating in the semiconductor conference of the US Department of Commerce, TSMC said that it will increase the output of MCUs in 2021 by 60% compared with last year to solve the current automotive chips shortage.

The report stated that TSMC will increase the output of MCUs this year by 60% compared with 2020 and 30% from the pre-pandemic level in 2019. In addition, TSMC will continue to cooperate with the automotive supply chain to solve the current chip shortage.

TSMC has taken unprecedented actions to support the global automotive industry, including rescheduling the production capacity of customers in other industries, who are also under strong supply pressure.

TSMC pointed out that optimizing Just-in-Time supply chain management and increasing demand visibility in this complex supply chain should be able to avoid such supply shortages in the future.

The report pointed out that TSMC’s announcement to increase MCU production will alleviate the supply chain chaos caused by the automotive chips shortage.